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rose   "Dogwood" Wedding Coordination Level    dogwood

A total of  six hours of meeting time with the couple- generally done as three two-hour meetings, with one of the meetings within the last 4 weeks before the wedding. These meetings will include the following:

  • Discuss and develop initial plan and budget, based on your desires and needs

  • Discuss and develop listing of your expectations of what I will do concerning your wedding

  • Provide etiquette suggestions

  • Overview of the planning process for weddings

  • A list of prospective one to two vendors  per category will be given to you, based on your budget and wishes. (You will be responsible for contacting and setting up meetings with vendors.)

  • If you wish, once you have contracts, but BEFORE you sign, I will read the contracts and suggest any change. I am not a lawyer, and cannot address legal matters, but will give you my opinion, based on my expertise in the wedding field.

In addition, KTD will have additional time spent doing some of the following.

  • Create and maintain a wedding budget, notifying you of payment dates.

  • Create and maintain a wedding task list, notifying you of deadlines.

  • We will create a wedding week schedule and a detailed "day of" schedule for your wedding

  • We will create wedding rehearsal program and a timetable for the reception (i.e. when to cut the cake, toast, first dance, etc)

  • We will send confirmation letters to your vendors, based on copies of the contracts with each vendor, which are due to KTD no later than four weeks before the wedding.

  • Follow-up vendor calls the week of the wedding.

  • The price for the Dogwood level is $2,000.00. 

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